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When accused of a sex crime, it is serious ordeal that if mishandled, can devastate the rest of your life. It’s crucial that you have a legal advocate by your side, who won’t make mistakes and fiercely defends your best interests. The Darrow Law Firm is that advocate. We handle all types of sexual assault and child molestation charges in the Austin area. We have extensive experience defending clients against aggressive prosecutors who will show no mercy in their legal pursuit. You need an equally hard-hitting defense attorney who will treat you with dignity and loyalty. Look no further than the premier Austin sex crimes attorney- Paul Darrow.


Not only has Austin Attorney Paul Darrow continually defended persons accused of various sex crimes, but he was on the other side of the table for many years. Working as a former Child Abuse/Sex Crimes prosecutor, he learned all the tactics the government uses against the accused. He brings this strategic knowledge base to every client he represents, giving his clients the upper hand of anticipation in each case.

Being a member of the Child Abuse Prosecution team, Attorney Darrow handled cases from the first allegations, through CPS and police investigations, to a final jury trial. This inside knowledge and trial experience give Mr. Darrow a huge advantage in defending his clients.


Being accused and potentially found guilty of sex crimes has ruinous effects on a person’s reputation in the community, their job, and within their family. Before this circumstance can become any more disastrous, it’s imperative that a skilled Attorney represent you. Not just any attorney should be chosen to defend you.

The vast experience and assertive nature that Attorney Paul Darrow brings to the table is second to none. Don’t roll the dice with your future- call our offices today. In the Austin area, there is no other attorney that will be a tougher advocate for you or your loved ones.


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I believe that pleading guilty should always be the last resort for anyone accused of a crime.
- Attorney Paul Darrow

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Sexual Assault of a Child


Reduced to a misdemeanor assault, zero jail time


Injury to a Child


Jury trial – NOT GUILTY verdict


Aggravated Sexual Assault


Case dismissed and record expunged

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Choosing the right attorney is critical in sex crime cases.

When it comes to fighting charges of child pornography, indecency, child molestation, rape, soliciation, or other sex crimes in Austin, experience really does matter. Paul Darrow understands the sensitive nature of these accusations and how they can affect your daily life, your future and possibly your freedom. Paul knows Texas law and will work dilligently to get your case reduced or dismissed.

You need an aggressive, knowlegable and compassionate lawyer by your side as soon as you know you are being investigated or have been charged with a sex crime in Austin. Time is of the essence so don't wait to reach out to the Darrow Law Firm. Put the Darrow Law Firm, P.C. to work for you. Call (512) XX-XXXX today.

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Paul Darrow is an Austin Sex Crimes and Criminal Defense Attorney, specializing in Indecency, Child Pornography, Sexual Assault, and all types of sex crimes defense.

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