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What we call child molestation in everyday language is legally called Indecency with a Child in the Texas statutes. Indecency is divided into two specific crimes: Indecency with a Child by Contact, which involves touching, and Indecency with a Child by Exposure, which is exposing without touching.  Both apply in relation to a child younger than 17, of the same or opposite sex, with the intent to arouse or gratify a person’s sexual desire. You will need a representative to defend you if accused and our Austin Indecency with a Child Lawyer will fight for you!

Both are felonies, but the “Indecency with a Child by Contact” charge is the more serious of the two and a second-degree felony. It is irrelevant in Texas whether the touching was under the clothes or over the clothes.

Indecency with a Child by Contact

The offense of Indecency with a Child by Contact includes:

  • Any touching by a person, including touching through clothing, of the anus, breast, or any part of the genitals of a child
  • Any touching of any part of the body of a child, including touching through clothing, with the anus, breast, or any part of the genitals of a person

Indecency with a Child by Exposure

Indecency with a Child by Exposure, the lesser of the two Indecency charges, is a third-degree felony. A person is guilty of the crime of Exposure if:

  • The person exposes the anus or any part of the genitals, knowing the child is present
  • The person causes the child to expose the child’s anus or any part of the child’s genitals

An “Indecency with a Child” charge can result in your being sent to prison for as long as twenty years and registering as a sex offender for the remainder of your life.


If you’ve been accused of Indecency with a Child, not only are you facing the possibility of many years in prison, it is a near certainty you will lose your reputation and friendships as well.  It is essential that you get a sex crimes lawyer on your side immediately to protect your constitutional rights throughout the process.  As soon as you know an accusation has been made against you, even if you have not yet been charged, you should have an experienced and aggressive Austin sex crimes attorney by your side whenever police or prosecutors attempt to question you.  Attorney Paul is committed to your best interests and will provide you with the only opportunity to avoid charges being filed. And if they are filed, he will fight to have them dropped or reduced.

Sex crimes against children are inherently different from many other criminal charges in that they stir emotions in a way that you seldom see in other crimes.  This often results in a person who is accused of the crime, being presumed guilty by many on the basis of the accusation alone. Attorney Paul Darrow understands this and will preemptively fight your case before too much damage can be done.