Austin Prostitution Defense Lawyer

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Prostitution is a strongly enforced crime in the Austin metro area. There’s a common misconception that the crime of prostitution occurs when someone engages in sexual activity in exchange for money. But it actually takes place when a mere agreement to exchange sex for money is made. Actual sex acts do not have to occur. If you have been falsely or prematurely accused of prostitution, it’s imperative that you contact the most practiced Austin area sex crimes attorney, Paul Darrow.

These cases are typically investigated by law enforcement in one of two ways. One, a “sting” operation is conducted by law enforcement against a prostitute; or two, a “sting” operation is conducted against those seeking a prostitute. This involves a deceptive operation designed to catch the crime in action. In most cases, a law enforcement officer plays the role of someone engaging in prostitution and craftily attempts to ensnare the other person in the act, all the while collecting evidence against them.

Defending Your Charges

Lawyer Paul Darrow understands the lengths that law enforcement will go to entrap a person into engaging in prostitution. He will take this insight into the Prosecutions’ tactics to defend against a prostitution charge. There are numerous ways to defend these charges including:

  • Arguing that there wasn’t an agreement made between the two parties
  • Proving Entrapment by undercover police officers
  • Establishing Improper procedures by police officers
  • Evidencing that he offense was not “knowingly” committed


Texas does not tolerate Prostitution and charges are not taken lightly. If you have found yourself being wrongfully accused of prostitution, you will need an expert Austin area Prostitution Defense Lawyer. To learn more about your options call our office today at (512) 215-4481 to schedule a consultation.