Austin Sexual Assault Lawyer

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A sexual assault accusation can change your life forever. The mere accusation brings with it immeasurable stress for the accused and his or her family. A conviction means devastating repercussions including a long prison sentence, along with the burden of a lifetime registration as a sex offender. Even probation can earn this lifelong registry. The stigma of “convicted sex offender” follows a person around for the rest of their life and wreaks havoc on their reputation, career, and family life. There’s never been a more important decision as to who should represent you in the fight of your life. Experience does matter. Our Austin Sexual Assault Lawyer can help you sort things out and get started defending your rights and your freedom.

The choice is clear- Attorney Paul Darrow is the Austin sex crimes attorney with the most experience and leverage when it comes to understanding the Prosecutors’ motives and tactics. Call our office today, without delay.


Attorney Darrow’s history prosecuting sex crimes gives him a clear advantage when representing those he once fought to put away. In his fight to defend you and protect your freedom and the quality of your future, Attorney Darrow uses this experience to strategize your defense. It’s as if he’s in the mind of the Prosecution and will anticipate their every move. This determination and knowledge pushes the government’s case, applying a constant pressure on the State that yields a successful outcome. Contact the most adept Austin Sexual Assault Attorney, at the Darrow Law Firm P.C. for a free consultation.