Look, nobody wants to run into trouble with the law. But Mr. Darrow will work hard on your case, even after other lawyers would have thrown in the towel. It also helps that he used to be a District Attorney. If you get in trouble, call Paul Darrow first.

–Ryan H.

I just want to take time out to inform how Truly Grateful my family and I are about Darrow’s Law Firm. Mr. Paul Darrow went far and beyond for my son. Mr. Paul Darrow was kind and always kept us up to date with everything that was going on with the case so there were no surprises. When it seemed like other cases came against my son, Mr. Paul didn’t give up. Thank you, Mr. Paul Darrow, and may GOD continue Blessing your path, because you deserve it. Call Paul first. Thanks to Darrow’s Law Firm for understanding when time permitted, many financial shortages to Sparks Family.

–Demetrus S.

I would highly recommend Paul Darrow for your troubled needs. He has the desire to seek the best options available in the not so best situations. Paul is a fair and honest man that is truly there for the sole purposes of doing the best job possible for his clients.

–Becki L.

An attorney you can not afford to pass up!

I have never been in trouble with the law and would never try to be. I was just put in a position that caused me to be pulled over for DWI. I have a back injury and had been taking medication, when the medication was changed on me I had no idea it would affect me the way it did. It caused me to be pulled over and arrested for DWI, with also controlled substance. Mr. Darrow took me under his wing and treated me as a human being, never judging me. He walked me slowly through what was to take place. His assistants always kept me informed. Mr. Darrow treated me as a family member. The judge recognized him in front of an entire courtroom about what a great job he had done for me.The controlled substance was dismissed and the DWI was downgraded to obstruction of a highway. I am sure he saved my career and life.

–DUI/DWI Client

Career Saved!

Paul Darrow represented me when I was facing serious drug charges. I was afraid this would seriously affect my career. He took the time to explain everything that was happening when we went to court and eventually got the case dismissed. I am so grateful for him. He was a godsend.

–Anonymous Client

Highly recommended.

Paul Darrow is an outstanding lawyer. I was arrested for DWI and thought it would cost me my job. Paul set my mind at ease and went to work fighting the case for me. He did a great job and the case was dismissed. I couldn’t be happier.



I was sure my son would end up with a criminal history, even though he was doing such a great job in college while working part time. He was basically in the wrong place at the wrong time. Paul made sure the DA was well aware of this and convinced them to consider the character of my son. They did and all charges were dismissed. He was awesome!!! I don’t believe I could ever repay him, but will sure try….Thank you, Paul!


Mr. Darrow was an absolute awesome attorney and I recommend him to anyone that needs help with their legal problems.

I was arrested last year in Pearland for a felony DWI-this was a felony because my daughter was in the car. I took prescription medicine which I had been taking for 8 years with no negative reactions. My parents called several attorneys and were told retainer fees would be at least $25,000. Paul requested either $2,500.00 or $5,000.00, I don’t recall the retainer amount. The case was located in Brazoria County and he took it even though he was in Houston. I met with him several times regarding my case. He explained to me exactly what was going to happen at each court date. He was very patient with me and my family and he answered all of my questions even if I have asked him 100 times! My case was reduced to a misdemeanor B and I was given 15 months of probation which was absolutely amazing because felony DWI cases usually require jail time and this was a state jail felony. Early in the case I was in an AA meeting and there was a guy about my age, who also had a felony DWI, and I remember him being upset because he was to report to a prison the next day. I thought I was doomed and it was the most stressful time in my life. I only went to court twice and the whole ordeal was over in 6 months. Paul was professional and empathetic as well as his awesome legal staff. They always spoke to me for anything! The total amount for his representation was around $5,000.00 which is incredible. I went thru a divorce during the same time and it took one year and $22,000.00.

I have never been in any trouble with any law enforcement agency and was absolutely shocked that I was arrested under those circumstances. If you need someone who knows what they’re doing, attentive representation, incredible staff and compassionate and dedicated service then you should hire Paul Darrow.

I can’t thank him enough for everything that he did for me. Thanks, Paul! You rock!

–Katie B.